Services Under Warranty

This Warranty does not cover damages arising from accident, misuse tampering, corrosion, rusting or stains, insects inside machine, installation to wrong power voltage supply or subjected to abnormal voltage supply, usage not in accordance to instruction for operations, normal wear and tear parts, software and machine installation, demonstration or training, panels, body or paintwork of equipment, cabinets, external parts, unauthorized alteration or repairs done by unauthorized person without the knowledge or approval from Copier plus Pvt. Ltd. Products under carry-in warranty(one year free service).

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Annual Service

After  warranty period had expired, you can always apply for the Annual Service period which needs to be renewed annualyl.

Annual Service provides you with a safe period of one year for your purchased product with an economical solution. By applying for annual service you will be free from charges of services throughout the year by paying a lesser fee while applying.

Annual service is entitled to service only and do not apply to changes of spare parts.

Comprehensive Agreement

The comprehensive agreement, similar to Annual service is service offer provided annually.

By paying a lesser fee you will be entitled to a Comprehensive service agreement for your product.

The difference in Comprehensive Agreement than Annual Service is that when you are entitled for a Comprehensive Agreement, you can not only service your products but also would be able to change your spares if required.

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